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How to Merge Your Sonos System for Multi-Room Audio

Bring Your TV’s Audio, Music, and Podcasts to the Whole House

How to Merge Your Sonos System for Multi-Room Audio

Music is best when it’s shared—not siloed in one room or stuck in your earbuds. You’ll find that when music is playing across your home, whether it’s Marvin Gaye or Whitesnake, that it will bring your household together and enhance your moods. 

Sonos makes it simple to bring high-quality audio to every area of your  home. As a certified platinum Sonos dealer in Park City, UT, we’re experts in how Sonos products work and the possibilities we can create with them. 

For example, imagine pulling your TV audio into other rooms so you’re never out of earshot  on game nightOr connect your portable outdoor speaker to the in-wall speakers inside. Read on to see how to create multi-room audio with a Sonos system

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How to Cover Your Entire Backyard with Outdoor Audio

Tips to Bring High-Quality Sound to Your Park City Backyard

How to Cover Your Entire Backyard with Outdoor Audio

One of the major reasons people love to visit restaurant patios and rooftop bars is for the atmosphereWith your own string lights andquality outdoor sound system, you can transform your yard into a place friends and family will love to gather from the afternoon until night. 

But you don’t have to lug a speaker onto the porch or blast garage speakers every timehoping they reach the pool. Brands like Coastal Source build durable, weatherproof speakers that can stay installed in your backyard all year long.

Read on to see how outdoor audio works and can camouflage into the landscape of your Park City, UT home. 

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Upgrade Your Home Automation to Improve Your Lifestyle and Capabilities

A Modern Automation System Allows You To Do More With Less Technology, Bringing Better Living and Looks To Your Home.

Upgrade Your Home Automation to Improve Your Lifestyle and Capabilities

If you were an early adopter of technology, the likelihood is that the system or systems you had installed still work fine. Whether the gear is operable or not, at this point, it may be costing you money and limiting the enjoyment of your Park City, UT home. Upgrades are inevitable; what was state of the art ten years ago is now considered legacy gear. 

Retrofitting with modern smart home automation furnishes you with an ecosystem rather than a simple control system. Lighting, shades, climate control, and even entertainment work in concert to provide luxury conveniences and improve your well-being. 

To find out how you can expand your home’s capabilities with less tech clutter and a more personal experience, read more below. 

TAGS: Home Automation | Lighting Control | Smart Home | Whole-home audio

Promote Health and Wellness with Circadian Lighting

Keep Your Circadian Rhythm in Balance While You Spend More Time at Home

Promote Health and Wellness with Circadian Lighting

Did you know that the lighting in your home can have an impact on your health? Knowing that is more important than ever in the midst of a global pandemic. One of the latest wellness technologies that homeowners in Park City, UT are bringing into their homes is circadian lighting. 

Before you embark on your journey towards better living, we’re going to dive into what circadian lighting is and what benefits it will bring to your home and your wellness. Keep reading to get started.

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