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7 Ways Motorized Roller Shades Come in Handy


Control Your Home’s Light & Privacy with More Convenience

Many people don’t give much thought to their window shades beyond the fabric or material. But as smart home integrators, we’ve found that motorized roller shades are some of the most valuable and convenient features to add to any home. 

Imagine in every window across your house, shades rising and lowering simultaneously. Not only will it save you time each morning and night, but you can cover hard-to-reach windows high on walls and ceilings and even automate floor-to-ceiling drapery. Even if you’re away from home, you can remotely control and adjust window shades from your Lutron lighting or Control4 smart home app.

Curious about motorized shades? Here are seven times a day you can automate your shades to help around your Park City, UT house.

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What Living in a Modern Smart Home Is Really Like


New to Home Automation? Discover the Possibilities in 2022

For decades, sci-fi films and TV shows have imagined what future ‘smart homes’ would be like. And today, some of it has become a reality! While we don’t have The Jetsons’ flying cars or floating buildings, we can tell voice assistants to turn on our Lutron smart lights or start a FaceTime call on the flatscreen.

Modern home automation is a lot less flashy—but just as helpful—as fiction imagined. Today, luxury homeowners across the Salt Lake City area enjoy comfort and convenience with a centralized home automation system.

If you’re new to smart home technology, you may be surprised at the astounding features people are already living with today. Read on to get inspired for your Utah home and see all that’s possible.

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Avoid ‘Tech Gone Wild’ with an Elegant, Simple Smart Home


Your Smart System Should Make Life Easier—Not More Complicated!

A smart home’s network is everything. Without a strong foundation, you’ll experience a mess of wires and gadgets that don’t work together and require separate apps. We’ve heard horror stories from those who tried to install the technology themselves, only leading them to a smart home that causes more problems than solutions. 

The breakdown in quality usually occurs when a homeowner assembles a collection of DIY devices without a sophisticated control system like Control4. Control4 and other smart controllers like it create the backbone of a high-end automation system.

Below, we’ll share what happens when smart home control goes wrong and how you can prevent technical mishaps in your Park City, UT home.

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What Does a Control4 Dealer Do?


Partnering with a Pro is the Way to Go

For anyone considering a new home automation system, you can’t do better than Control4. Control4 is a leading automation system for homes and businesses worldwide—and founded here in Salt Lake City! Control4 connects all your devices into one system, from lighting to audio to security. From there, you’ll easily control your devices through the C4 app, remote, or customized wall keypads. 

The possibilities are endless with Control4. Pre-programmed scenes may automatically raise your blinds in the morning, adjust your smart lights to the perfect color temperature in the afternoon, and play your favorite tunes over multi-room speakers. 

But Control4 is not a DIY solution. You’ll need a certified Control4 dealer to design, program, and install your smart home. You may be wondering, why do I need to work with a dealer? And what do they do exactly? We’ll explain what it’s like to partner with a C4 integrator in your Park City, UT home.

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How Can You Optimize Your Home Theater’s Audio-Video Installation?

How Can You Optimize Your Home Theater’s Audio-Video Installation?

We have 4 suggestions to improve your Park City home’s main entertainment area!

If you have a home theater, you know that the sights and sounds of your display, audio and design impact on how well you savor your entertainment space. How can you create the most immersive, dazzling experience possible every time someone steps foot inside?

Evolve your theater beyond the initial, bare-bones audio-video installation by transforming it into a fully developed movie viewing paradise that you and guests will enjoy. With a few helpful tips that you might have never considered, we think you’ll be ready to create a dynamic theater space in your Park City, Utah, home, where you can start entertaining and relaxing all year round. Though there are hundreds of customizations and upgrades, today we’ll start with our top four ideas!

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Create More Collaborative Meeting Spaces with Commercial A/V!

Create More Collaborative Meeting Spaces with Commercial A/V!

Engage Clients, Prospects and Employees with Dynamic Video, Audio and Conference Call Capabilities

The next quarter is just around the corner. Perhaps you’ve been measuring various metrics to help you improve performance, but you might be missing out on a critical key to driving revenue: your conference room.

Simply updating conference room A/V, lighting, security and more can make all the difference in how your key contacts perceive you. We’ll explain exactly what we mean as well as action items for bolstering your conference spaces, so don’t miss this blog!

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How Could an Audio Video Installation Benefit Your Company?

How Could an Audio Video Installation Benefit Your Company?

What Superior Displays and Sound Could Mean for Your Business

If you're running a successful business in Davis County, UT, you don’t have much time to waste on faulty audio video equipment that’s difficult to connect and use. Your employees will thank you if you invest in a commercial audio video system that maximizes their productivity and encourages their input without piling on technology frustrations.

But a commercial audio video system can do so much more. Here’s how your boardroom and office spaces can be completely transformed and enhanced with a commercial audio video installation.

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