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A Day in Your Life With Tunable Lighting

A Day in Your Life With Tunable Lighting

Turn Your Park City Home Into a Healthy Paradise

Close your eyes and picture your best day in your ideal smart home. You wake up refreshed, take the day off to spend at home, relax all day, wind down to a good book. Whether you’ve included it in your mental scene or not, tunable lighting forms the perfect backdrop to all your daily activities. When Lutron acquired Ketra last year, smart home clients couldn’t wait to combine Lutron’s intuitive controls with the human-centric lighting capabilities of Ketra.

We’ve found that few smart home technologies blend into the scenery while providing as many mental and physical benefits as easily controlled, circadian-based lighting. Keep reading to experience a day in the life with tunable lighting - see how this integration coincides with your lifestyle and transforms it effortlessly.

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9 a.m.

It’s a dark, wintery day outside, but you’re awakened by a brilliant illumination that reminds you of the sun on a spring morning. You feel energized and awake, ready to experience your Saturday to the fullest.

12 p.m.

You feel rested after eating brunch and need to head out for a few errands. You don’t like leaving your home and valuables behind on a weekend when criminals might expect you to be away. Set your lighting controls to “Away,” and random lights will turn off and on as though you were home. Ketra also integrates with other home functions, like your AV system, which responds by playing music, powering on random TVs and other functions that add up to a convincing “mockupancy.”

5 p.m.

Hate Daylight Savings Time? You’re certainly not alone there. It seems that we get just a few mere hours of sunlight, leaving many people lethargic. Ketra can extend the daytime in your home by however long you need. Choose a custom setting like “Working” or “Focus” to tackle an evening workout and cook an unexplored recipe. If you happen to like the hibernation break that the season brings, you’re welcome to use the “Natural” setting for a more circadian effect.

7 p.m.

You invite some friends over that you haven’t seen in a while. Before you set the table and tantalize guests with your delicious, home-cooked meal, press the “Entertain” button to soften the lighting. Dim, warm light can relax people. Want a leisurely, multi-course meal experience? Studies have found that amber-colored lighting can stimulate appetite while slowing down eating speed. Food and fun conversations are in store!

10 p.m.

The guests have gone home, and now it’s time for bed. Put your cell phone away, and catch up with a good book you’ve ignored for a while. Choose “Reading” or a similar setting to get the perfect illumination that balances the warm tones that you need this late with the energy boost to keep the pages turning. Later, the warm dim feature of a Ketra “Bedtime” setting will optimize your melatonin production, letting you drift off into a peaceful sleep.

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After we install Ketra’s human-centric lighting, you could enjoy this lifestyle. Recharge your mood and benefit from better health just by living inside your smart home. As the Greater Salt Lake City’s choice Ketra installers and programmers, we have the tools and expertise to customize lighting to fit your daily needs. You can start by calling us at (801) 309-3055, or visiting us here to start your no-pressure consultation. We look forward to lighting up your life!

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