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Use Automation to Simplify Technology and Your Life

Use Automation to Simplify Technology and Your Life

Smart home devices streamline your life and make technology easier to use

For all the benefits high-tech devices have to offer, the sheer number of them can be overwhelming, to say nothing of keeping track of everything. These factors may make the prospect of adding a smart home automation system intimidating. We understand these concerns, but we want to reassure you that automation can make the technology within your home work more smoothly and effectively.

If you live in the Park City region of Utah and want to learn more about how smart home automation can simplify your life, keep reading.

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Right now, there’s a good chance that your lights, shades, speakers, TV and other devices all operate on separate systems. No wonder it’s a headache to keep track of everything. Believe it or not, automation makes it easier to control multiple systems at once.

The primary way this works is by integrating all your devices with a centralized smart home control system. Once everything is under one umbrella, you can stop juggling remotes and manage everything from one device. This could be your smartphone, a tablet, or a wall panel. Regardless of which control device you use, everything becomes more streamlined.


Maybe the issue isn’t that the devices in your home are malfunctioning, but rather that they aren’t making a positive impact in your day-to-day life. If that’s the case, the problem may be how your devices are set up.

Let’s use lighting control as an example. The ability to manage all your lights from your phone is handy, but automation can make it so you rarely have to directly manage your fixtures at all. You can set up automated schedules where certain lights turn on or off by themselves at certain times of the day. Now you don’t have to make painstaking adjustments on every switch.

You can also design preset lighting scenes for certain moods or occasions, such as dinner or outdoor entertaining, which also cuts down on the time spent fussing with technology. These are simple tricks, but automating your system as much as possible frees you up to spend more time doing the things you enjoy.


As is often the case, the total value of smart home automation is greater than the sum of its parts. Individual devices or systems may be powerful on their own, but integrating multiple systems produces even greater dividends.

Let’s again use lighting control as an example. Lighting control is easy to pair with other automated devices to achieve greater performance and convenience. You can link your lights to your A/V system so that the lights dim automatically in your media room or home theater when you’re ready to watch a movie. Another option: Combining your lights, door locks and security system so that one command locks the doors, turns on the alarm and shuts off all your lights.

We understand that you may be hesitant to add more technology to your home if you’re already feeling overwhelmed, but smart home automation can restore your peace of mind. To learn more, call us at (435) 729-7575 or fill out our contact sheet. You can also leave a message in the chat box in your browser.

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