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Enjoy Sophisticated Fashion and Function with Motorized Shades

A stunning and sophisticated wall of windows with motorized shades filter light into a white accented living room.

Incorporate Cost-Savings and Protection without Compromising Style for Your Luxury Home Clients

Let the sunshine in! The use of natural sunlight in the home brings many benefits. As architects and designers, you are keenly aware of how daylighting techniques enhance the look and appeal of living spaces. 

As part of an automated ecosystem, motorized shades allow you to manage the amount and type of light entering a space. The window treatments also create ambiance, reduce heat, and protect furniture and artwork from UV rays, and make any home more comfortable. 

You and your team may have avoided using manually operated shades because of issues like limited style, patterns, and textures and hiding electronics. Lutron solves these issues by offering beautiful designs from world-class textile mills and whisper-quiet travel motors. 

Are you looking to collaborate with a premier smart technology partner in Park City, UT for your project? Continue reading below to learn more. 

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Minimized Energy Costs, Maximum Benefits 

Natural light dramatically influences the look and feel of living spaces, making a home appear vibrant and refreshing. Lighting shapes our everyday moments, affecting our circadian rhythms and determining the quality of wake and sleep. In addition, the serotonin and vitamin D generated by exposure boosts physical and mental health, making individuals happier and more focused. 

The benefits of natural light in the home are undeniable, but too much of a good thing can be troublesome. Unmanaged, heat from the sun quickly makes rooms overheated and uninviting. Lutron shades and automation products utilize sensors and schedules, allowing you to blend the perfect natural light with artificial lighting.

Architecturally Compatible 

The look of a home is as important as how it functions, and we offer options that are built to satisfy any decor or aesthetic perspective. Whether you choose from Lutron's sophisticated offerings or the handcrafted, natural woven shades by Hartmann and Forbes, your clients will revel in the final fit and finish. Our team of certified designers and integrators does not rely on cookie-cutter solutions, we first consider your needs, desires, and expectations to craft the perfect fit.

Rather than having to add fascia or additional pockets to disguise and hide electronics and motors, the hardware is designed with aesthetics in mind. The ultra-modern technology and compatible looks blend in with your decor while concealing connectors and messy wires within sleek housings. 

Beautiful Benefits 

Why not choose the integration company many leading designers turn to for motorized shades and smart home automation? To start the conversation with Ratio AV, call us at (801) 215-7070 or contact us online. We look forward to collaborating with you!

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