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4 Reasons to Include a Lighting Control System in Your Home

Black slate tile wall with black Lutron Alisse two-button wall panel.

Lighting Controls Make Your Home Stand Out Among the Rest

If you’re looking for a creative way to make a new home or remodeling project stand out in a saturated market, consider installing a whole-home lighting control system. Potential homebuyers will love the added convenience and energy savings a lighting system offers, plus it will help craft a clean and inviting ambiance throughout a home no matter the time of day! 

This simple and inviting smart home solution elevates home projects without adding additional clutter to a home, so there’s no need for extra switches or panels that detract from the interior decor. 

For designers, architects, and builders looking to partner with a smart home specialist, you may be wondering how the addition of lights and integrated smart control will generate business and sales. Continue reading this blog for four great reasons to consider installing lighting control systems in new Salt Lake City, UT homes.

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1. Step-Up Showings

Why do you spend money to stage a home? Because buyers like envisioning what it would be like to live in the space. You can take the home viewing experience up a notch by installing a whole-home lighting control system. Show what it would be like to read a book in a cozy reading nook or enjoy a romantic dinner with their partner with a perfectly dimmed chandelier. You can even adjust the lighting to showcase the warmth and comfort of an inviting home.

2. Increase Home Value

Appraisers agree that installing smart home features is a market differentiator and, as a result, will add to the home's market value. The key to getting more for an installation such as lighting control is to ensure the buyers see it functioning and have an opportunity to test it out. Be sure to include a brief introduction to the system when buyers are viewing the home, but try not to overwhelm them with all of the features on the back-end. Choose a few smart scenes to showcase and go from there.

3. More Modern Appearances

Reducing the number of light switches on the walls is a welcome sight for homeowners who crave cleaner, more modern designs. Lighting control systems can work from a small on-wall keypad, a tablet, or a smartphone app. For a simple yet sophisticated aesthetic that’s fully customizable, we love Lutron's Alisse keypads and French manufacturer Meljac’s high-end switches

4. Energy Savings

Of course, every homebuyer wants to hear that a feature could save them money. Lighting control systems are known as eco-friendly home solutions because they allow homeowners to reduce electricity usage with timers, dimmers, sensors, and push notifications when lights are left on inadvertently. In addition, homeowners will love to see the elegant style paired with annual savings.

We'd love to support your efforts to build and sell beautiful homes in the Salt Lake City area! Our team is skilled in smart home automation and lighting controls, so we can help you enhance lifestyles and add sophistication to your clients’ builds and remodels. Reach out to us to schedule a demo or have a conversation.

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