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The Future of Internet Connectivity is Now: Wi-Fi 6

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Take speed and reliability to the next level!

In this modern world, technology is rapidly advancing to provide us with unique living experiences. Though we often overlook it, the perks of installing innovative networking solutions are unparalleled. At Ratio AV, we want to offer our clients only the very best in networking technology. For this reason, we have incorporated Wi-Fi 6 into out list of network offerings. With only 18 months on the market so far, this is the latest generation of Wi-Fi available, and more functionality is coming.

Are you curious about the perks of integrating this unique technology into your Layton, UT, home? Keep reading this blog to learn all about it!

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Wi-Fi 6 Has Unparalleled Speed

If there is one feature we all want when incorporating new wireless networking solutions, that is high speed. With more than one gig of speed, a Wi-Fi 6 network will be around 40% faster than previous technologies and will provide you with 75% less latency, allowing you to enjoy entertainment, work, and surfing the web with ease. Our team of networking technicians can upgrade your hardware so you can experience this new level of speed in everything you do.

Innovative Hardware Is About to Come Out 

By upgrading your Wi-Fi networking solutions, you will likely need to upgrade your hardware technology as well. Fortunately, this wireless connectivity solution is becoming so popular that innovative, affordable hardware is rapidly becoming more available. 

Within the next six months, more new Wi-Fi 6 compatible devices will come out, so we highly recommend reaching out to our experts. They can help you choose the best match for your technology needs of today and the future. 

More Bandwith Than Ever

One of our favorite things about Wi-Fi 6 is its unparalleled bandwidth capacity, which is the highest any wireless protocol has ever had. Having a higher bandwidth allows you to deliver more information in the same amount of time, meaning you can surf the web, scroll through social media, stream your favorite films, tv shows, and music, and much more.

Wi-Fi 6 has 9.6 Gbps as a maximum throughput across multiple channels. In contrast, Wi-Fi 5 offers a maximum of 3.5 Gbps, so you can rest assured your new networking solution will provide a stellar experience. 

At Ratio AV, we are deeply committed to helping our clients enhance their lifestyles with the latest home technology innovations. Are you ready to upgrade your home networking solutions to Wi-Fi 6? Reach out to our team right here or drop a message for us in the chat box below to learn more.

We look forward to working with you!

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