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Let’s Motorize Your Windows!

Two living room windows featuring Lutron motorized shades. 

Learn How Smart Window Treatments Lead to a Smarter, More Efficient Home 

Here’s a bold statement: a home is only as smart and efficient as its window treatments. That’s why smart window treatments are such an integral part of all our projects at Ratio AV and why we always recommend Lutron to our clients in Park City, UT.

Read on to learn more about Lutron, what makes them the best, and how their window treatments will make your smart home smarter and more energy efficient. 

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The Lutron Advantage 

Lutron is the global leader in motorized window treatments, offering the industry standard on everything from blinds and shades to switches, dimmers, and touch interfaces. Oh, and they are also one of our trusted brand partners! So, whether you are looking for privacy and insulation, considering treatments to match your existing decor, or needing more efficient climate control, Lutron and Radio AV are here to help. 

As a certified Lutron dealer, we will determine which products work best for you based on your home and lifestyle, but more on that below!

Automation, Integration & Efficiency

There are a lot of Lutron window treatments to choose from, including roller and Roman shades, horizontal sheer and wooden blinds, and drapery systems, but which one is right for you? Well, that depends! Roller shades come in hundreds of designer fabrics or custom printed for you. They are also great for matching or enhancing your existing decor. Roman shades, on the other hand, combine tradition and modernity into an elegant design and are available in dozens of finishes. Motorized blinds and drapes feature Lutron’s leading engineering behind a classic, timeless look. 

Whichever option you choose, automating your window treatments and integrating them with other devices is what makes smart homes seem so smart! And if we go with Lutron for your place, you get the industry’s best in both automation and performance! For example, your new shades will come with a self-aligning feature, which keeps the bottom rails on every shade less than an eighth of an inch from each other. Or, you could take advantage of Lutron’s unparalleled ease of integration, bringing lights, shades, and smart thermostats together into a highly efficient climate control system. 

Control, Wellness & Luxury

Motorized window treatments also play a critical role in lighting control - they may even directly impact your health and wellness. By integrating your shades with Lutron’s Ketra tunable lights, we can create a lighting system around your own circadian rhythms, optimizing everything from focus and productivity to your sleep cycle and recovery times. 

Clearly, there is much more to motorized window treatments than rolling up and down! Contact us to learn which ones will work best for your smart home and how we can help you install and integrate them. 

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