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Why Your Smart Home Network Might Need to Step Up to Wi-Fi 6

More Home Devices Demand More of Your Network

Why Your Smart Home Network Might Need to Step Up to Wi-Fi 6

There are now more home systems and devices that can be connected to the internet than at any other time. If you have already begun to automate your home system, you know you need a robust network to handle it all.

And nowadays, at the same time when more of our household is being integrated into our home network system, we find that a lot of us our suddenly working from home as well as our kids having virtual classes from home.

Needless to say, all of this extra internet use is probably going to require something extra, and that’s where Wi-Fi 6 can help. Our clients in Park City, UT, are discovering that their home networks need the kind of information output that Wi-Fi 6 can provide.

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What Exactly Is Wi-Fi 6?

Basically, this is the next generation of Wi-Fi that puts out a signal which handles more speed and incorporates additional technologies that can connect you to the internet more efficiently.

Previously, Wi-Fi generations were referred to as indexed numbers like 802.11n, 802.11ac, or 802.11af. To make it less confusing for the rest of us non-techie types, the Wi-Fi Alliance (an organization that certifies Wi-Fi products for conformity) recently renamed versions of Wi-Fi with simple whole numbers.

The enhanced capability of Wi-Fi 6 will allow all your home systems to maintain a strong signal even as more devices are linked to your home’s network.

This is important because when the previous standard came out, Wi-Fi 5, the average American household contained around five connected devices. Now the average is somewhere around nine devices.

Will I Need Wi-Fi 6 If I’m Buying a New Computer or Other Device?

The short answer is yes. The new technology that is coming out of the market today will have Wi-Fi 6 hardware by default. But that doesn’t mean you should run out and by all new devices immediately.

But most likely you will want to update your network so it supports Wi-Fi 6, which at the very least means acquiring a new router so you can enjoy the enhanced speed capability.

Your current tech, especially your home’s smart devices, will enjoy a more stable and uninterrupted signal by adding Wi-Fi 6 to your home network.

The enhanced speed of Wi-Fi 6, at 9.6 Gbps, is something akin to a delivery company multiplying the number of trucks it has to deliver its product to its customers. Wi-Fi 6 means a whole lot of information can be sent out across a lot more devices.

If you want to get started on your home’s network integration, or if you need to upgrade your existing network, contact our installation professionals here or call us at (801) 309-3055. We would love to hear from you!

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