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Can Your Home Network Services Keep Up with Your Devices?

Can Your Home Network Services Keep Up with Your Devices?

Ensure Functionality and Security with a Network Update!

Is your network failing you?  Chances are, if you’re relying on traditional aids such as routers, range extenders and your internet service provider, you’re missing out on the most robust network available to your Salt Lake City, Utah, home.

How can we help you solve this? At Ratio AV, we’re dedicated to looking beyond a quick fix and finding long-term solutions with our complete home network services. Keep reading to see what we do and how it’s differs from previous approaches boosting your home network in the past.

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Why You Need More Than a Router

The classic, band-aid fix for a home network service failure tends to be adding another router. We understand: It’s a simple solution that you can buy at a store, take home and implement it the same day. But at Ratio AV, we know there’s a better way to solve this problem.

The harsh truth is, routers fail integrated homeowners in so many ways. First, many people misjudge their router’s reach -- the devices only cover about 1,500 square feet of your home. Routers are also prone to heat stress after prolonged use.

Internet service providers will often just add more routers or range extenders disguised as a full-service solution, so be wary. They tack on steep costs for something that often ends up failing within months.

...Or a Range Extender

What’s wrong with range extenders? Though some consider them a more straightforward fix than professionally configured access points, they often fail. Why? They depend on other Wi-Fi networks and therefore can’t provide access to Wi-Fi dead zones, giving you the same spotty coverage you paid to avoid.

Superior Internet Safety

Stabilize your home network system with Pakedge’s built-in firewall protection, keeping your files and data safe from hackers. We can also set up guest networks to further provide privacy.

What Can We Help You Accomplish?

Whether you’ve just started your home network services or you’re updating your smart home, there’s no time like the present to revamp your connection. Not only will you enjoy interruption-free movie and music streaming, but you’ll also reinforce vital integrated home functions such as security.

After determining opportunity areas in your network, we install Pakedge wireless access points indoors and out, so you enjoy low-latency bandwidth that covers every corner of your Utah residence or resort.

Ready to get started?

Want to stop trying quick-fix approaches and get a professionally installed network that surpasses any big-box or ISP “solution”? Call us at (435) 729-7575, or contact us online for a free, no-hassle consultation. We look forward to speaking with you!

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