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3 Easy Ways Motorized Shades Will Help You Save Money

3 Easy Ways Motorized Shades Will Help You Save Money

Automation Helps You Make the Most of Available Daylight, Whether Your Home Is Blasted by Summer Heat or Winter Cold

Energy efficiency is something everyone should care about. Regardless of what’s happening in the broader world around us, conserving energy leads to significant savings and eases the strain on your local electrical infrastructure. But knowing where to start with energy efficiency can be a challenge.

If you’re wondering where you can begin to reduce your home’s energy consumption, we recommend starting with motorized shades from Lutron. Lutron has long excelled at designing tasteful, practical automated shading and lighting control systems.

Today we’ll look at how Utah residents can save money by installing motorized shades in their Park City-area home.

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One primary way motorized window treatments increase efficiency is through a process known as “daylight harvesting.” Daylight harvesting uses the light that hits your home with maximum efficiency. For example, in the summer, you likely want to keep your shades drawn to minimize too much heat entering your home. Conversely, you’ll want to keep your shades open in the winter so you can use the sun to warm your home instead of turning up your heater.

It’s important to note you don’t need to make any of those adjustments yourself. Once installation is complete, your motorized shades can handle these processes without any additional input from you. By establishing an automated schedule and/or placing heat and light sensors throughout your home, your shades can raise or lower themselves to use the available sunlight as efficiently as possible.

This same benefit goes for the angle of the shades as well, which leads to even greater efficiency gains. Once you’ve got your shading system up and running, it will operate as programmed. You’ll never have to physically adjust your shades yourself if you don’t want to.


Motorized shades also help your home stay better insulated, which is another way they help with energy costs. Nearly half of the average homeowner’s energy costs come from their HVAC system, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

Lutron motorized shades use more advanced fabrics and smarter designs than those found on standard shades, which helps them lessen heat gain in the summer much more effectively. If your A/C system isn’t working as hard, you’ll see significant savings over time.


One other benefit of motorized shades: they’re very easy to integrate with other home automation systems. Combining the strengths of multiple systems leads to even greater efficiency improvements in your Utah home.

One easy example of this phenomenon is lighting control. Integrating motorized shades with your lighting control system lets you create custom presets and automated schedules. As we mentioned above, presets and schedules help you take better advantage of the available light coming into your home. You can also lower your energy costs by using sensors to ensure only rooms that are occupied are being lit and cooled.

To learn more about motorized shades for your home, call us at (801) 309-3055. You can also schedule a no-obligation consultation with our Park City office through our online contact form or by clicking the chat box below.

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