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How Can You Optimize Your Home Theater’s Audio-Video Installation?

How Can You Optimize Your Home Theater’s Audio-Video Installation?

We have 4 suggestions to improve your Park City home’s main entertainment area!

If you have a home theater, you know that the sights and sounds of your display, audio and design impact on how well you savor your entertainment space. How can you create the most immersive, dazzling experience possible every time someone steps foot inside?

Evolve your theater beyond the initial, bare-bones audio-video installation by transforming it into a fully developed movie viewing paradise that you and guests will enjoy. With a few helpful tips that you might have never considered, we think you’ll be ready to create a dynamic theater space in your Park City, Utah, home, where you can start entertaining and relaxing all year round. Though there are hundreds of customizations and upgrades, today we’ll start with our top four ideas!

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Customize Your Control Options

If you created your home theater primarily as a relaxation space, you want to feel as though controlling it is effortless and intuitive. That’s why we recommend Control4 home automation as a companion to your audio-video installation.

Control4’s new operating system, the Smart Home OS 3, offers some of the most streamlined media technology we’ve seen to date, including an option to prioritize devices or controls that you use most frequently in each room. Within your home theater, you can double-tap your TV and audio equipment, for instance, to mark them as a Favorite, facilitating their use every time you’re in that room. Operating much like a smartphone app, you’ll see a heart icon each time you “Favorite” something, giving the OS 3 a user-friendly edge over its predecessors.

Even when you’re not using your home theater space, you can quickly view the room from anywhere you use your Control4 app to power off A/V equipment; lighting or shades; check your surveillance footage; turn off the A/C; or even use smart locks to secure that room until next time.

Achieve Richer Sound

You can’t enjoy certain movies nearly as much without hearing them the way the film creator intended: Imagine multiple layers of sound that feel as though the movie’s action is happening right there in the room with you.

We primarily use Sonos because their technology integrates cleanly with Control4 and produces top-quality sound suitable for your theater, media room and more. Their wireless speakers deliver 360-audio that feels as though it envelops movie watchers in the action, while their broad dispersion means that you’ll hear the sound the same way, even if you move to a different seat.

See the Screen Correctly

If you keep trying to ignore a glare on your screen, you’re not going to fully enjoy your movie. Distracting ambient light is even more annoying when you’ve invested in a 4K display with high-dynamic-range color rendering, only to have a stray beam wash out those rich tones.

Motorized shades, light dimmers, anti-glare TV coatings -- or a combination of all three-- can come to the rescue, depending on the glare’s source and severity. We’ll recapture the richness of a lifelike picture by figuring out exactly where the glare is and how to get rid of it for good. 

Reenergize Your Environment

Too many people default to the standard movie-theater design concept when they first build their home theater. Though we don’t think that’s a bad foundation, we’d prefer to see you look beyond just installing the best speakers and projector and make the most of your entertainment area.

When you look at your space, does it reflect you? Or does it look more like an audio-video installation with some added design details thrown in for good measure?

Maybe you prefer a more relaxed, personalized area with movie posters of your favorite classics, a comfy rug or some communal seating. Or a hip, modern lounge with black walls and hidden speakers. Settle for nothing less than the space that reflects you and how you most enjoy your movies!

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