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Avoid ‘Tech Gone Wild’ with an Elegant, Simple Smart Home


Your Smart System Should Make Life Easier—Not More Complicated!

A smart home’s network is everything. Without a strong foundation, you’ll experience a mess of wires and gadgets that don’t work together and require separate apps. We’ve heard horror stories from those who tried to install the technology themselves, only leading them to a smart home that causes more problems than solutions. 

The breakdown in quality usually occurs when a homeowner assembles a collection of DIY devices without a sophisticated control system like Control4. Control4 and other smart controllers like it create the backbone of a high-end automation system.

Below, we’ll share what happens when smart home control goes wrong and how you can prevent technical mishaps in your Park City, UT home.

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When Smart Tech Goes Wrong

Many ‘smart homes’ start with buying a video doorbell, smart lightbulb, or voice assistant speaker, perhaps from Amazon, Google, or picked up off the shelf at The Home Depot or Best Buy. From there, you buy another smart gadget—maybe a Wi-Fi-enabled thermostat this time. Then another one. And soon, your audio, lighting, thermostats, security system, and more are all controlled by a page of apps. 

To turn on the lights and play music, you’d need to find your phone and juggle between apps. And if the Wi-Fi is acting up? You’ll have to restart the router and wait for your house to respond.

Your phone shouldn’t be the only way to control your house systems. After all, what if it’s dead and needs charging? And you should be free to use devices from different manufacturers without worrying about compatibility issues. To do this, you’ll require a connected home over IP with a centralized control panel—like Control4—to sync everything for a unified, seamless experience.

A Smoother Smart Home Setup

With a smart system like Control4, a single command or press of a button can adjust your lights, audio, heating, cooling, and motorized shades, instantly setting the scene for the day or night. An all-in-one approach will add simplicity and comfort to your daily routine, saving time on everyday tasks.

A professionally installed Control4 system offers multiple control options to your household. Let’s say you want to close the drapes across the entire first floor. You could reach for your phone and tap the shades icon on the Control4 app. Or you could tell your voice assistant to close the blinds. Alternatively, you could press a button on a wall keypad, or swipe on the wall-mounted tablet. You can even close the shades on the go via the Control4 app. You’re never stuck with only one way to adjust your technology.

Furthermore, a smart home expert will wire much of your systems to the network, so you aren’t relying on the often-unpredictable whims of Wi-Fi. This will make your smart home much more reliable, so it’s there for you whenever you need it.

Save yourself from the headaches of a poorly installed and disjointed smart home. When you partner with a home automation expert like Ratio AV, we’ll design, program, and install a system that suits all your needs and desires.

Contact us here to learn more about smart home control and get started today!

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