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What Living in a Modern Smart Home Is Really Like


New to Home Automation? Discover the Possibilities in 2022

For decades, sci-fi films and TV shows have imagined what future ‘smart homes’ would be like. And today, some of it has become a reality! While we don’t have The Jetsons’ flying cars or floating buildings, we can tell voice assistants to turn on our Lutron smart lights or start a FaceTime call on the flatscreen.

Modern home automation is a lot less flashy—but just as helpful—as fiction imagined. Today, luxury homeowners across the Salt Lake City area enjoy comfort and convenience with a centralized home automation system.

If you’re new to smart home technology, you may be surprised at the astounding features people are already living with today. Read on to get inspired for your Utah home and see all that’s possible.

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All Synced to One System

A centralized home controller like Control4 unites your technologies into one system—and it’s all accessible from your phone, tablet, wall keypads, remotes, and your favorite voice assistant. Unlike plug-and-play smart gadgets, with Control4, you don’t have to juggle between different apps for all your smart features. It’s all consolidated under one umbrella.


Since many studies have discovered the negative effects of blue light, many phone and computer brands are now offering Day and Night Modes that adjust screens to look easier on the eyes throughout the day. What if your home’s lighting did the same? It can!

Lutron smart lighting can be programmed to automatically fine-tune your home’s lights throughout the day, starting bright and cool in the morning and warming into a cozy amber in the evening. You’re free to change your lights to any color, too, with pinpoint precision on the Lutron app’s color wheel. Plus, Lutron is compatible with Control4, so it can be integrated into your smart home!


If you counted them, there are probably a lot of windows in your house. Maybe you even have floor-to-ceiling windows or skylights. It’s time-consuming to raise every shade in the morning and lower them at night—and no one has time to close them at other times, to save energy or preserve fabrics from UV rays.

But with motorized shades by Lutron, your blinds, drapes, and shades can open and close automatically according to a schedule. You won’t even have to lift a finger! Already in bed? Press a button on the wall or tap your smartphone app, and the window treatments will activate with whisper-quiet technology. 

Audio and Video

A Control4 smart home makes it simple to control audio and video across your entire house. Select the media you want, choose the speakers or screens, and it’s showtime. Want to move into another room? Resume your entertainment in seconds with whole-home AV.


Music and tunable lights may be exciting, but contemporary smart homes also keep your family safe. Whether you’re home or away, you can arm alarms, check surveillance footage, lock doors, and be notified about smoke and leak detection. It all happens in the same app, so your home is easier than ever to manage.

Spa & Pool

Get the hot tub jets bubbling and temperature just right—all from your phone! Control4 can also control pool and spa features, letting you change the water temperature, turn on lights, activate the pump, and more. That way, pool time is ready for you once you step outside.

Control from Anywhere

Control4 smart homes aren’t relying on Bluetooth or Wi-Fi for control. You can be across town or across the country, and you can still access your Utah home right from the Control4 app. Now that’s better than fiction!

Are you curious about bringing smart technology to your home in the Salt Lake City area? Ratio Audio Video Security is a certified Control4 dealer that designs and installs custom smart homes. Contact us here to get started!

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