Create More Collaborative Meeting Spaces with Commercial A/V!

Create More Collaborative Meeting Spaces with Commercial A/V!

Engage Clients, Prospects and Employees with Dynamic Video, Audio and Conference Call Capabilities

The next quarter is just around the corner. Perhaps you’ve been measuring various metrics to help you improve performance, but you might be missing out on a critical key to driving revenue: your conference room.

Simply updating conference room A/V, lighting, security and more can make all the difference in how your key contacts perceive you. We’ll explain exactly what we mean as well as action items for bolstering your conference spaces, so don’t miss this blog!

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The Real Reasons a Smarter Conference Room Pays Off

Though it may surprise you that investing in this one space could be so helpful, let’s stop to think through its benefits. For example, your conference room is probably the first place that new clients enter when meeting your key decision makers, not to mention, high-value prospects. If you dazzle both of those audiences, you’re on your way to cinching critical sales or upselling services.

Another valuable benefit to updating conference-room equipment involves all the time wasted when employees try to connect a device before the meeting or manage software hiccups during a vital brainstorming session.

For example, have you ever experienced a meeting lag that you could have avoided with automation? If so, you wasted valuable labor hours in a meeting that lasted longer than it needed to. Now you can see how conference room A/V improves employee productivity, too.

Keep reading to see all the tools you need to impress critical contacts and keep your employees motivated!


When you consider that everyone’s eyes will be directed to your screen whenever anyone gives a presentation or calls in for a video conference, you’ll instantly understand how vital your display is to a successful conference room. Anything from a sales pitch to an educational session will require a robust visual component to keep everyone focused on the task at hand. Consider a Sony projector, like Sony’s VPL-VW295ES, for pristine, high-resolution picture quality at a reasonable price.


Can’t hear the people calling in? Blame it on your audio quality. You’ll need to think of both incoming and outcoming sound during your commercial A/V update. Add speakers for people video conferencing in, and microphones so you can capture every voice in the conference room with minimum distractions. If you want to update a conference room adjacent loud office areas like customer support, we can install soundproofing panels to ensure all audio investments work their best.


Dim the lights to instantly prepare your meeting space for a presentation; or integrate your lighting into one of Control4’s many programmable “scenes” to ready multiple facets of your conference room in seconds. The second option proves especially helpful when your lighting and shading components work together.

For example, when you press “Meeting,” lighting will dim and shades close right before the presentation time so that all attendees can clearly see the screen. When you hit “Goodbye,” all the lighting will power down and all window treatments lower simultaneously, keeping your costs low and late-shift employees safe.

Conferencing Equipment

Do you have the automation equipment and network bandwidth to fully support your team’s conferencing needs? If not, Control4 integrates with most major communication platforms, such as Skype and Zoom, so you can touch one icon and start talking to people all around the world. And Ratio AV would love to install the necessary access points to connect your whole office with the lowest-latency and coverage gaps possible.

Ready to transform your conference room so that it impresses clients, prospects and employees? Call us at (435) 729-7575, or contact us online for a free, no-hassle consultation. We look forward to speaking with you!

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