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A Day in the Life with Motorized Shades


Imagine Convenience & Style from Morning to Night

The average house is built with 22 windows—and nearly double homes that are 5,000 sq. feet or larger. That’s a lot of window shades to raise and lower every single day. In some cases, you might not bother adjusting the drapes or blinds purely out of inconvenience.

But there are real benefits to harvesting sunlight, warmth, and protecting interiors from UV rays. With your window shades adjusted at the right times, you can even improve security and lower energy bills.

Luckily, there is an easier way to control the 20-plus windows in your home. Motorized shades by brands like Lutron offer a smart, convenient way to manage sunlight and privacy in your Salt Lake City, UT home. What’s life like with motorized shades? Find out below!

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Rise & Shine

What if you replaced your morning alarm with the sunshine? Schedule your smart motorized shades to rise when you’d like to wake, letting the sunrise bathe your bedroom. If you start your day earlier than the sun, you may still feel inspired to see dawn appear on the horizon.

Across your house, all your blinds can work in unison—even those in hard-to-reach skylight windows or unusually shaped window frames. Lutron offers custom window treatments to fit all types of installations, including curved walls and floor-to-ceiling windows.

And while other brands struggle to synchronize window treatments, Lutron’s are equipped with intelligent hembar alignment (IHA) so that all shades will be within 1/8 inch of each other. You can start your day with elegant, streamlined shades that match across every window.  

Follow the Sun

Many people don’t realize that drapes and shades can conserve energy. Lutron’s honeycomb shades provide substantial insulation against windows and glass doors. In winter, heat sensors can prompt your shades to lower and prevent heat from escaping. In summer, the same shades can block harsh sunlight and keep rooms cool. You’ll rely less on your HVAC system, reducing your energy consumption.

Not only that, but Lutron’s battery-powered shades with battery boost may run for as long as six years without requiring a battery change. Even shades without a battery boost will last for three years of daily use. That’s pretty remarkable!

Golden Hour

Never miss a beautiful sunset at home. Even if your shades were lowered during the day, program them to rise so you can enjoy the evening sky during dinner. Natural light is proven to boost our moods, and your home will automatically bring in more natural light when you need it.

Plus, Lutron’s motorized shades are whisper-quiet, so the movement won’t disturb your daily activities. They’re so quiet that other brands sound like chainsaws in comparison! 

Nighttime Privacy

Schedule your motorized shades to lower once the sky darkens so that across your whole home, you’ll enjoy privacy instantly. No longer will you have to walk from window to window, pulling on cords or closing drapes. Life is busy enough; let motorized shades handle these small tasks for you!

Plus, if you’re away traveling, your shades can still retract and lower throughout the day, making it look like someone’s home. And when you pair automated lighting with shades, your house will never look dark and vulnerable to burglary.

Are you curious about motorized shades and smart home technology for your Salt Lake City home? Contact Ratio AV to learn more and discuss our products and solutions today! We look forward to working with you.

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