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3 Eco-Friendly Reasons to Install a Lighting Control System

3 Eco-Friendly Reasons to Install a Lighting Control System

Don’t miss these energy-saving benefits!

Lighting control can beautify spaces and give you more effective management of your integrated home. But have you ever considered that you could also help save the environment, one light at a time? Keep reading to see how this one simple switch could save you energy, time and money -- all from one seamless installation.

Ratio Audio Video installs Lutron, the industry leader in automated lighting control, for Davis County, Utah, clients -- both residential and commercial. Today, we’ll focus on why lighting control keeps paying off in homes near you!

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Impactful Equipment

Did you know that dimmers conserve about nine percent of your lighting energy with a dimmer switch, even when the switch is on the very lowest (or brightest) setting? Imagine how much they save when you decide to dim the lights, just a little. 
I’m sure you’d love to say that you and your family members always turn off the lights, but sometimes, our hectic lives take over and we neglect to. These expenditures, reflected both in your energy bills and carbon footprint, add up, especially in expansive properties. Occupancy sensors can sense if people are nearby and automatically switch off lights in their absence.

You can also control your home lighting remotely from your smartphone, which further ensures that you’ll never spend any energy that you’re not actively benefiting from, whether you’re in the office or halfway across the globe.

Effortless Conservation

The best conservation feature of automated lighting control is that you don’t have to think about it. By merely enjoying Lutron’s automated solutions within your home, you’re saving money and energy.

Though it sounds luxurious to set a lighting mood in each room of your home, lighting automation gives you a chance to do so responsibly. Zoning technology connects each room to a central hub, so you can power down each space just as quickly as you set it up.

You can integrate some components into a comprehensive “Away” scene, activated by one button tap when you leave your home. This will dim your lights, set your shades for conservation (more on that soon), turn down your HVAC and much more so that your home wastes zero energy in your absence.

Seamless Integration with Motorized Shades

Lutron’s automated lighting products are also optimized for your shading control needs. With top-quality Lutron technology, such as HomeWorks QS, any number of shades in your home can operate simultaneously, from controls pads, remotes and even voice control devices.

Shading systems save energy by stopping incoming light before it converts to heat inside your home, thus drastically reducing the load on HVAC systems, making any project more eco-friendly. Further, Lutron window treatments are often crafted from eco-friendly materials. Sustainable materials from Lutron are either PVC-free or are 100% recycled.

Ready to experience the benefits of lighting conservation in your integrated home? Call us at (435) 729-7575, or contact us online for a free, no-hassle consultation.

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