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Josh.AI Proves How Quickly Voice Control Is Evolving



To provide the best services for your Salt Lake City, UT, home or resort, Ratio AV continually looks for the most innovative products. One of the technologies that is transforming the way people interact with their homes is artificial intelligence. is a perfect example of this, as it allows you to manage your smart home system more intuitively than ever, using just your voice.

Dive into our blog to see why we love and how voice-controlled home automation has evolved throughout the years.

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The Age of Alexa

The creation of the iPhone spurred makers to implement voice control for the first time, through the mysterious Siri. Amazon Alexa and Google Home have been flying off the shelves ever since, allowing homeowners to talk to their TVs, speakers, and other smart home components.

But tech innovators like creators, Alex Capecelatro and Tim Gill, still felt as though something was missing and decided to make a more capable product. They wanted something that integrated with other smart home technology in the home, like Control4, Sonos, and Lutron while revolutionizing how voice-controlled home automation worked., though it seems similar, operates very differently from previous voice automation software.

Enhanced with AI

Because its programmers enabled to understand commands contextually, you’ll hardly ever need to repeat yourself to get the device to comprehend you. Its intuitive technology even grasps phrases like, “It’s too hot in here!” and responds by lowering the temperature. Similarly, you can say, “Turn it off!” If the last device Josh activated was the lights, knows to turn them back off. Plus, with its powerful natural language processing engine, you can talk to Josh the same way you would to a friend, making it easier and more enjoyable to use.

Far from the clunky voice commands of prototypes, this kind of increasingly human-like interaction improves with new models. Moreover, being an artificial intelligence, Josh is designed to learn from you. The more you interact with it, the more information it gathers about how you like things at home, creating the perfect environment for you, without having to manually program it.

More Secure Commands

By storing all commands locally and offering a wide variety of security features, promises increased security by not automatically sending information to the cloud. This means that your Josh technology can’t sell ads or use any of your sensitive info, ensuring you always enjoy the privacy you seek.

Ready to get started?

If you want to talk to your Salt Lake City-area home and see how it can help you? Keep in mind, is sold exclusively to its dealers, like us. At Ratio AV, we would love to see how technology like could make your life easier. Contact us right here to schedule a no-obligation consultation.


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