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The Top Architectural Benefits of Motorized Shades

The Top Architectural Benefits of Motorized Shades

Motorized Window Treatments Offer More Than Just Convenience!

If you’ve researched motorized shades, you know how much homeowners praise them for their convenience. However, automated window treatments offer robust architectural benefits as well. They can elevate your Park City, UT home’s aesthetic, create a competitive edge in the market, and much more.

Keep reading for more information about the unexpected perks of motorized shades!

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Shades That Fit Just Right

You probably love your architectural details, and that’s part of why you selected or built your unique home. If you have tall, vaulted ceilings with windows, you understand that covering them poses some difficulty. Ratio AV has all the tools necessary to reach those inaccessible places. We also know how to run the drapery track that you’ll need for your window’s size and specifications.

The type of shades you pick — whether honeycomb, roller, Roman, etc. — dramatically affects the installation because it determines the shade track we need to install. We also need to know whether you want wired or wireless shades. That’s why meeting with a professional to discuss measurements, design and preferences all at once ensures a flawless result. We typically use Lutron shades, like Sivoia QS and Serena, in our installations, for their top-quality control, design options and customization.

Design that Enhances Your Architecture

While it’s always important to get the installation details just right, we also know that motorized shades play a significant role in the overall look of your home. We’ve mentioned above that we can size and custom-build each shade for your unique windows, but it’s essential to get the color, fabric and opacity right, too.

As the area’s most design-savvy installation professionals, Ratio AV can show you Lutron’s nearly limitless color and design swatches that complement your home — eight shade models and around 1,500 colors, to be exact. As the industry’s leader, Lutron offers an unmatched variety of materials, textures and opacities to accomplish your window goals.

Scenery Changes

Whether you want to change how you view the inside or outside of your home, motorized shades can help. For example, they can beautifully display the mountains behind your residence or resort to immerse you and guests in the scenery. Ratio AV can synchronize your window treatments so that multiple shades, such as in a multi-paneled bay window, can raise and lower simultaneously, revealing stunning landscapes in a few breathtaking moments.

They also show your interiors in the best light by adjusting to the vibrancy outside. During the brightest part of the day, your shades will raise to enhance focus and brighten mood and lower at night to protect your privacy.

Craving more customization? Pre-program your technology to coincide with particular moods using what we call scenes. For example, a “Movie Night” scene might lower your shades, while a “Focus” scene might raise them, optimizing your light while you work from home or enjoy an energetic workout session.

Energy Savings

The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that nearly half of an average homeowner’s energy costs relate to heating and cooling your home. Utah’s weather extremes can wreak havoc on energy expenditure.

During winter, cold air can seep into untreated windows and force the heating system to pump more hot air. In the summer, balmy air and greater UV saturation make your cooling system work much harder. Counteract this with shading solutions that not only block exterior forces but also react to the amount of sunlight entering the room.

Enhancing Your Home’s Value

It’s no secret that motorized shades can entice prospective homebuyers due to their aesthetic and energy-saving benefits. In fact, more than half of Millennial homebuyers, the largest buying group, seeks smart features for their next home.

The ambiance created by motorized shades might give your home an edge when negotiating a competitive asking price. Any smart home technology drives your home’s asking price higher, but few investments have as many benefits as motorized shades for a relatively small investment.

Don’t miss out on the chance to show your home to its full advantage, whether you want to enjoy it for yourself or attract future buyers. Ready to get started? Call us at (435) 729-7575, or contact us online for a free, no-hassle consultation.

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