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Promote Health and Wellness with Circadian Lighting


Keep Your Circadian Rhythm in Balance While You Spend More Time at Home

Did you know that the lighting in your home can have an impact on your health? Knowing that is more important than ever in the midst of a global pandemic. One of the latest wellness technologies that homeowners in Park City, UT are bringing into their homes is circadian lighting. 

Before you embark on your journey towards better living, we’re going to dive into what circadian lighting is and what benefits it will bring to your home and your wellness. Keep reading to get started.

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What is Circadian Lighting?

Keeping your circadian rhythm in balance helps strengthen your immunity and promotes health and wellness. Circadian lighting is a type of smart light application designed to benefit your physical and emotional wellbeing. It mimics natural sunlight, and it changes over the course of the day to help align your rhythms. This is important because we’ve all been spending much more time at home over the last year. 

Circadian lights use tunable LED fixtures covering the full white and RGB spectrum to shift throughout the day to match the color temperature of natural light the way you would experience it outside. With the power of automation, daytime light will help keep you energized and productive, while nighttime light will encourage relaxation and restfulness without you having to change them. You’ll hardly notice the lights changing throughout the day thanks to lighting control, but you’ll feel better and more in tune with time.  
Plus, motorized shades complete the desired lighting effects by automatically adjusting throughout the day to promote optimal lighting levels and tone while letting sunshine in. During the winter, your shades stay open longer to invite the sunlight needed to warm and brighten the home naturally. 

The Benefits of Circadian Lighting

As we mentioned earlier, people all over the world are spending more time indoors at home than ever before. The lack of time spent outside disrupts your body’s circadian rhythm, leaving you vulnerable to low energy and poor sleeping patterns. When you install circadian lighting in your home, you’re essentially bringing the natural sun’s levels inside to help regulate your internal clock. 

Over time, you’ll notice you feel more energized and physically feel well. Plus, you’ll even feel less stressed and more relaxed! Circadian lighting also promotes better mental health. Your mind will be at ease, and you’ll start and end each day refreshed and prepared to take on what the day and evening hold.


If you’re ready to promote health and wellness in your home with circadian lighting, Ratio AV is prepared to help. Get in touch with us by giving us a call or filling out our online contact form, and we’ll get you scheduled for a no-obligation consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!

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