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Shine Light Into Your Utah Home With Lutron Lighting & Shading


Dimming, Energy Savings, and Style Options – Oh My!

Many homeowners believe incorporating lighting control into a home only means adding dimmable bulbs and light switches. That’s not the case! Lighting control is so much more than that, and thanks to Lutron lighting, the possibilities extend well beyond dimming.

With lighting control, you can manage the power of the sun in your Park City, UT home, save on energy costs while reducing your carbon footprint, and complement your home in new and exciting ways with fabric and design options.

In this blog, we’ll cover how automated lighting and motorized shading solutions from Lutron can improve your daily home life.

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Lutron Lighting

Though Lutron is well known for inventing the solid-state light dimmer to replace the standard light switch in 1959, the company has continued to innovate for six decades and counting. After that initial rotary dimmer came dimming ballasts for fluorescent lightings and the first self-contained preset lighting control system.

Beyond the dimmer, homes like your own in Park City, UT, can do fantastic feats such as turning on lighting remotely from a smartphone, programming lights in sync with an astronomical clock, and customizing scenes to operate multiple zones of your home with a simple tap of a button. Lighting control truly gives you the power of light at your fingertips.

Lutron Motorized Shades

Lutron has led innovation in the motorized window treatments sector, too. From wired to wireless solutions to controlling daylight within homes, Lutron is a power player in the smart technology industry. Sunlight can enter your home on cold winter days to warm you;in the summertime, it may prove to be too warm, and you’d prefer to block it from entering your home. Motorized shading solutions can prevent energy loss by insulating your home.

With the tap of a button or at pre-programmed times, the bank of windows in your living room can raise or lower automatically in unison. There’s no need to painstakingly walk around your home to raise each blind to the same height anymore. What’s more, style and fabric solutions are abundant, so you’re sure to find the perfect style complement to your existing home décor.

Working in Harmony Together

Now imagine waking up in the morning, tapping a button on an in-wall keypad or saying, “Alexa, good morning” to initiate a scene. Your motorized shades open automatically to let natural sunlight bathe your bedroom in light, while you find that pathway lights from the bedroom to the kitchen turn on to light your way, and a full coffee pot is waiting for you. Having technology that goes unnoticed but is wholly appreciated is what lighting control is all about.

If you’re reading to explore the possibilities of Lutron lighting control systems, call us today at (435) 729-7575, chat with us below, or connect using our online form. We can’t wait to help you shine new light in your Park City home.

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