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Unsure Where to Put the TV? Save Space with a Motorized Lift


How to Seamlessly Disguise Technology Indoors & Outdoors

It’s simple enough to mount a TV against a wall. But what do you do when a room has glass walls or floor-to-ceiling windows? Or what if you want to install an outdoor television on the lawn, nowhere near a wall? 

Even if you have the wall space for a display, many homeowners are looking for minimalistic ways to disguise technology when it’s not in use, “unplugging” after TV time. 

If you’re stumped on where to install your TV, consider a motorized TV lift. TV lifts take many forms, from ceiling drop-downs to lift cabinets. And at the push of a button, your television can quietly rise from the floor or lower from the ceiling. Read on to see which option is right for your Salt Lake City, UT home!

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In-Ceiling Lift 

Tap a button on the wall, and instantly, a wide flatscreen descends from the ceiling. The quiet motor won’t draw any attention to itself, and in seconds, your TV is ready to watch.

In-ceiling lifts are the best solution for rooms with large windows or curved walls that prevent easy mounting. When we install retractable lifts, you’ll find zero footprint above. Guests will have no idea there’s a TV above them in the ceiling! And it isn’t limited to small displays. We can install any size TV in the lift, all the way up to 100 inches. 

In-Floor Lift 

If there’s a second floor or attic space above that interferes with a ceiling lift, an in-floor TV lift is the perfect alternative. You won’t require any cabinetry to store the TV, only below-home space with enough room for the screen. Your display will rise from the floor and even swivel to the ideal viewing angle. It’s best to install a floor lift where there’s minimal foot traffic, so the lid isn’t stepped or spilled on. 

Outdoor Lifts 

Want to watch movies under the stars, but not against the house? You can install an outdoor TV anywhere on the lawn with an outdoor lift that raises the screen from the ground. 

Outdoor installations require a specialty lift, as outdoor TVs are generally heavier than indoor models. A weatherproof enclosure and stainless steel hardware will prevent rusting and corroding for years to come. We can even install outdoor lifts on yachts and boats, so you can enjoy movie nights above or below deck. 

Flip-Down Lift 

If your home’s structure doesn’t have the space to fit a TV into the ceiling, we can install flip-down TV cabinets that swing down like a hinge. The TV will lie flat against the ceiling surface inside a shallow cabinet that blends into the ceiling material. When it’s time to watch, a single command will lower the screen in place. 

A Smart Approach 

What if your TV lift could be activated through the same remote you use to change the channel or raise the volume? We can integrate TV lifts to work through a smart home system that automates all your home technology. And rather than use light switches, you’ll use wall panels that trigger presets to shift the mood of each room. Tap “Movie Time” in the home theater, and your screen will instantly lower while the motorized shades close. Across the house, all your displays and devices are connected to a single, easy-to-use system. 


Are you ready to enhance the luxury with your installation? Contact Ratio AV to learn more about TV lifts and get started today.

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