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Why Sonos is the Perfect Smart Home Speaker System

A woman sits in a living area of a Park City home enjoying music from a pair of Sonos Era speakers.

Whole-Home Audio with Seamless Control and Integration

In the ever-evolving landscape of home entertainment, there's a noticeable shift among homeowners in Park City, UT, and beyond. The trend? A yearning for simplicity. Gone are the days when complex setups with many wires and multiple remotes were the norm. Today's discerning homeowner seeks audio systems that are not only high-quality but also straightforward to control, easy to expand, and offer wireless convenience for hassle-free positioning and installation. That’s what Sonos speakers have been doing for almost two decades in the digital music era, perfectly embodying this modern ethos. Learn why Sonos is the perfect speaker for today's modern smart homes.

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The Role Home Theater Receivers Play in Optimum Entertainment

An Anthem MRX-710 AV Receiver on a stand under a TV next to high-fidelity loudspeakers.


When you first consider a home theater, your mind may turn to the big screen depicting lifelike, ultra-realistic images in stunning colors. Or, if your love of surround sound and detailed audio trumps crystal-clear images, your thoughts may wander to the 3D sound field, with brilliant high-fidelity audio encircling you. 

Like most experts that disappear in the background as the show stoppers get all the attention, your home theater receivers get lost in the impressive antics of the big stars. Yet receivers are a key component. In fact, some would argue that it is one of the most important elements in ensuring the ultimate cinematic experience in your Salt Lake City, UT, home.

Let's explore what these systems offer and how you can get the most out of your home theater.

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Experience Unparalleled Home Control with Lutron’s Smart Lighting Control Solutions

Smart lighting control in a home

Advanced lighting solutions for today’s tech-forward homes

Lighting is a vital part of any home’s interior décor. Do it right, and your home will dazzle. Get it wrong, and even the best-decorated home will look dark, dreary, and unappealing. But lights use a lot of energy and can often feel like a hassle to control. Lutron resolves these problems with its smart solutions for lighting control in Park City, UT. 

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Motorized Shades Offer Effortless Control of Your Window Coverings

A man sitting in a sunroom. Lutron’s motorized shades are partially drawn on all the windows.

Discover the Nearly Limitless Options in Styles and Fabrics

Natural sunlight brings beauty, warmth, reduced energy usage, and numerous health benefits. Unfortunately, it also delivers damaging UV rays, solar heat gain in the summer, and an annoying glare on TVs and computer screens. 

In response, we tend to lower our shades as the sun arcs across the sky and leave them in one position. After all, who has the time to manually raise and lower their window coverings throughout the day? A U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) study on residential window coverings found that 75% remain in the same position. 

Fortunately, there is a better way, and it’s called motorized shades. These window coverings retain the perfect level of light and privacy, all with one touch of a button or automated control. And, instead of distracting or damaging your home’s design, they add immense beauty. 

Let's explore the possibilities and how this easy-to-use technology transforms homes in Salt Lake City, UT.

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Be Inspired by High-End Speakers from Leon

Leon’s custom soundbars can be integrated into a TV’s design.

Custom Speaker Installations that Pair Artistic Beauty with High-Quality Sound

Shape-shifting, artsy, and sculpted aren’t words you’d probably guess would describe a speaker brand, but they accurately describe the work of the family-owned and operated speaker company Leon. 

While fully invested in creating the highest quality sound experiences, Leon is known for the style they bring to their high-end speaker products. They are beloved by interior designers, architects, and homeowners alike because they have a way of making speakers add to the beauty of a room and not steal from it.

Continue reading to learn more and find inspiration for your Park City, UT, home with high-end speakers from Leon.

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3 Components You Need for a Premium Outdoor Entertainment System

Samsung The Terrace on a patio in an outdoor entertainment system.

Prepare for Warmer Weather with Top-of-the-Line Outdoor AV

Winter is coming to a close, and the promise of warm weather has everyone ready to spend more time outdoors, soaking in the warmth and sun. Prepare for the best spring and summer yet by equipping your backyard with smart outdoor entertainment technology, enhancing your outdoor events as well as simple afternoons spent outside with the family. Check out these three components of an outdoor entertainment system and see what they can bring to your Park City, UT, home.

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Let’s Motorize Your Windows!

Two living room windows featuring Lutron motorized shades. 

Learn How Smart Window Treatments Lead to a Smarter, More Efficient Home 

Here’s a bold statement: a home is only as smart and efficient as its window treatments. That’s why smart window treatments are such an integral part of all our projects at Ratio AV and why we always recommend Lutron to our clients in Park City, UT.

Read on to learn more about Lutron, what makes them the best, and how their window treatments will make your smart home smarter and more energy efficient. 

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The Future of Internet Connectivity is Now: Wi-Fi 6

A gaming laptop displaying a programming code on the screen.

Take speed and reliability to the next level!

In this modern world, technology is rapidly advancing to provide us with unique living experiences. Though we often overlook it, the perks of installing innovative networking solutions are unparalleled. At Ratio AV, we want to offer our clients only the very best in networking technology. For this reason, we have incorporated Wi-Fi 6 into out list of network offerings. With only 18 months on the market so far, this is the latest generation of Wi-Fi available, and more functionality is coming.

Are you curious about the perks of integrating this unique technology into your Layton, UT, home? Keep reading this blog to learn all about it!

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Bring Your Home to Life with Whole-Home Audio

Enjoy High-Fidelity Music in Every Room and Outdoor Space

Did you know that every culture celebrates with music? Music is, in many ways, the soundtrack that fills our days, enhancing the little moments and commemorating the big events. We wake in the morning and turn on the weather or stream our Good Morning playlist. We might have a favorite podcast we tune into daily, an audiobook we listen to at night, or a recorded meditation that lulls us to sleep. When you think about it, there are very few moments in our lives when we're not engaged with the medium of sound. 

Is there a room where you keep your turntable and enjoy your vinyl collection? Do you bring your Bluetooth outside to listen to music by the pool? While some families are content with a dedicated listening room and bringing audio sources to different areas of the property, others want to experience one beautiful melody throughout their entire home and listen to vinyl no matter the room they’re in.

A whole-home audio system makes this possible. Every room becomes a soundstage and one that’s controlled with a handheld remote or user-friendly touchscreen. Are you ready to experience high-fidelity audio in every room?

Let’s explore the possibilities for your Salt Lake City, UT, home.

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Enjoy a Life of Luxury with Lutron’s Lighting Controls

A close-up of Lutron’s Palladiom keypad with the background in a well-lit home.

Effortlessly Manage Your Home’s Lighting with Lutron HomeWorks QS

Imagine waking to sunlight filtering through your bedroom windows as the shades rise with the dawn. The lights settle into the color of sunrise and transition throughout the day, simulating the changing color of natural outdoor light. 

In the evening, before friends and family arrive for dinner, you tap the “Entertain” button on an elegant in-wall keypad. The lights in your dining area transform to the color of golden candlelight, while the living room lights illuminate the space in splashes of amber, teal, and tangerine. The shades open to reveal beautiful landscape lighting, and your “Dining” playlist streams through your home as you prepare dinner in a perfectly lit kitchen.

A life of luxury. 

At Ratio AV, we partner with Lutron, a global leader in lighting and shade automation. In 2019, they came out with Lutron HomeWorks QS, their next-generation lighting and shading control solution for luxury homes. Let’s explore what this means to homeowners in Layton, UT, and the surrounding areas.

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Who’s Knock, Knock, Knockin’ on Your Home’s Door?

Closeup of a person monitoring his home surveillance cameras from a tablet. 

Top Benefits of Hiring a Professional to Install Your Home Security System

Smart homes are smart for two reasons: automation and integration. At the tap of a phone, we can listen to our favorite music in any room, or turn off the bedroom lights and roll down the shades at night. 

Security should be no different, and when it comes to keeping your loved ones safe, there is no substitute for a home security system. With a professional installation, every camera, alarm, and sensor will work as advertised. 

At Ratio AV, we offer technology solutions for clients in Park City, UT, and our experts know the brands and technologies to protect your smart home. 

Here are the three top benefits of hiring an expert to design and install your next home security system.

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All About Sonos Speakers & Our Trade-In Program

Sonos speakers discreetly integrated into a living room.

Enjoy High-End Audio Across Your Whole Home with Sonos 

Audio is a large part of our daily lives—even if we don’t realize it. We use it to watch films, play video games, and listen to your favorite music or podcasts. 

But choosing a brand of speakers to incorporate into your home is a big decision. You want to ensure they’ll fit perfectly into your space, deliver high-fidelity audio, and have good value, meaning you’ll get your money’s worth.

That’s why so many homeowners choose to install Sonos speakers in their homes. Sonos create a wide range of quality speakers that are perfect for any home. And by choosing Sonos, you’ll have the opportunity to stay current on listening technology with the Sonos trade-in program. Keep reading to see what Sonos speakers can bring to your Salt Lake City, UT home.

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4 Reasons to Include a Lighting Control System in Your Home

Black slate tile wall with black Lutron Alisse two-button wall panel.

Lighting Controls Make Your Home Stand Out Among the Rest

If you’re looking for a creative way to make a new home or remodeling project stand out in a saturated market, consider installing a whole-home lighting control system. Potential homebuyers will love the added convenience and energy savings a lighting system offers, plus it will help craft a clean and inviting ambiance throughout a home no matter the time of day! 

This simple and inviting smart home solution elevates home projects without adding additional clutter to a home, so there’s no need for extra switches or panels that detract from the interior decor. 

For designers, architects, and builders looking to partner with a smart home specialist, you may be wondering how the addition of lights and integrated smart control will generate business and sales. Continue reading this blog for four great reasons to consider installing lighting control systems in new Salt Lake City, UT homes.

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Enjoy Sophisticated Fashion and Function with Motorized Shades

A stunning and sophisticated wall of windows with motorized shades filter light into a white accented living room.

Incorporate Cost-Savings and Protection without Compromising Style for Your Luxury Home Clients

Let the sunshine in! The use of natural sunlight in the home brings many benefits. As architects and designers, you are keenly aware of how daylighting techniques enhance the look and appeal of living spaces. 

As part of an automated ecosystem, motorized shades allow you to manage the amount and type of light entering a space. The window treatments also create ambiance, reduce heat, and protect furniture and artwork from UV rays, and make any home more comfortable. 

You and your team may have avoided using manually operated shades because of issues like limited style, patterns, and textures and hiding electronics. Lutron solves these issues by offering beautiful designs from world-class textile mills and whisper-quiet travel motors. 

Are you looking to collaborate with a premier smart technology partner in Park City, UT for your project? Continue reading below to learn more. 

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5 Reasons to Partner with a Home Automation System Installer


Team Up with a Home Automation Company to Enhance Your Client’s Remodel or New Build

As a building contractor, you work daily to create dream homes for your clients. Whether it’s a remodel or entirely new construction, you’re not just building a house, but providing a space for your client to live, work, entertain, raise a family, and more. And the quality of a home directly impacts a person’s quality of life. Adding a home automation system to your client’s home can provide them not only with a new smart house but an improved way of life. Check out these five reasons you should partner with a home automation company like Ratio AV in Salt Lake City, UT.

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3 Smart Home Features That Completely Elevate Your Lifestyle


How to Bring More Luxury and Beauty into Your Home with a Smart Home System

Your home should be a sanctuary for fun, relaxation and wellness, where you feel completely comfortable and ready to take on your day. At Ratio AV, we help you create that lifestyle with our smart home system solutions. Keep reading our blog to learn more about the world-class features we can integrate into your spaces to help you enjoy your Salt Lake City, UT, home even more.

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Unsure Where to Put the TV? Save Space with a Motorized Lift


How to Seamlessly Disguise Technology Indoors & Outdoors

It’s simple enough to mount a TV against a wall. But what do you do when a room has glass walls or floor-to-ceiling windows? Or what if you want to install an outdoor television on the lawn, nowhere near a wall? 

Even if you have the wall space for a display, many homeowners are looking for minimalistic ways to disguise technology when it’s not in use, “unplugging” after TV time. 

If you’re stumped on where to install your TV, consider a motorized TV lift. TV lifts take many forms, from ceiling drop-downs to lift cabinets. And at the push of a button, your television can quietly rise from the floor or lower from the ceiling. Read on to see which option is right for your Salt Lake City, UT home!

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7 Ways Motorized Roller Shades Come in Handy


Control Your Home’s Light & Privacy with More Convenience

Many people don’t give much thought to their window shades beyond the fabric or material. But as smart home integrators, we’ve found that motorized roller shades are some of the most valuable and convenient features to add to any home. 

Imagine in every window across your house, shades rising and lowering simultaneously. Not only will it save you time each morning and night, but you can cover hard-to-reach windows high on walls and ceilings and even automate floor-to-ceiling drapery. Even if you’re away from home, you can remotely control and adjust window shades from your Lutron lighting or Control4 smart home app.

Curious about motorized shades? Here are seven times a day you can automate your shades to help around your Park City, UT house.

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Celebrating 20 Years as Park City’s Smart Home Company


Looking Back at 20 Years with Ryan Davis, Ratio’s Founder & President

Ratio AV is celebrating 20 years in business this March—and what a time it’s been! As an AV integrator and smart home company, we’ve seen the industry and our team evolve tremendously. After all, when Ratio began, it was only a one-man show. Flat-screen TVs were just being introduced, and smartphones didn’t exist yet!

To commemorate such a milestone, we sat down with our founder and president, Ryan Davis, to look back at two decades as a home technology company, proudly serving Park City, UT, and surrounding areas.

How has home technology changed since 2002—and where do we see it going? Here’s what our founder had to say.

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What Living in a Modern Smart Home Is Really Like


New to Home Automation? Discover the Possibilities in 2022

For decades, sci-fi films and TV shows have imagined what future ‘smart homes’ would be like. And today, some of it has become a reality! While we don’t have The Jetsons’ flying cars or floating buildings, we can tell voice assistants to turn on our Lutron smart lights or start a FaceTime call on the flatscreen.

Modern home automation is a lot less flashy—but just as helpful—as fiction imagined. Today, luxury homeowners across the Salt Lake City area enjoy comfort and convenience with a centralized home automation system.

If you’re new to smart home technology, you may be surprised at the astounding features people are already living with today. Read on to get inspired for your Utah home and see all that’s possible.

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