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How to Merge Your Sonos System for Multi-Room Audio


Bring Your TV’s Audio, Music, and Podcasts to the Whole House

Music is best when it’s shared—not siloed in one room or stuck in your earbuds. You’ll find that when music is playing across your home, whether it’s Marvin Gaye or Whitesnake, that it will bring your household together and enhance your moods. 

Sonos makes it simple to bring high-quality audio to every area of your  home. As a certified platinum Sonos dealer in Park City, UT, we’re experts in how Sonos products work and the possibilities we can create with them. 

For example, imagine pulling your TV audio into other rooms so you’re never out of earshot  on game nightOr connect your portable outdoor speaker to the in-wall speakers inside. Read on to see how to create multi-room audio with a Sonos system.

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How to Merge Speakers 

Grouped Sonos speakers will share the same queue on the Sonos app and stay synced together until you decide to deselect a speaker. How? 

On the Sonos app, select the Room tab, then tap “Group.” From there, choose the rooms you want music to play in, then press “Done.” Or tap “Everywhere” for sound to play out of every Sonos speaker in the house. Now whether you’re grilling on the patio or pouring wine in the dining room, you won’t miss a single lyric of your favorite songs.  

Connect TV Audio Across the House 

Sonos offers its own collection of home theater speakers—the Arc and Beam soundbars, the Sub subwoofer (that doesn’t vibrate!), and a surround-sound bundle. Sonos’ home theater speakers can wirelessly connect to your TV, plus you can  sync the TV’s audio to the rest of your home’s speakers. 

If your TV is Bluetooth compatible, you can connect your streaming service to the Sonos system as a Bluetooth device. Or you can use the Sonos app to remotely control TV and audio. To use the Sonos app, you’ll have to connect at least one speaker through a wire to your TV. But once the screen is in the network, you can wirelessly sync it to the whole home. 

Find a Platinum Sonos Dealer in Park City 

Ratio AV knows Sonos better than anyone in the market. We’re a professional installer and can bring architectural in-ceiling speakers to your mountain home. Contact us here for any questions you may have, and visit us in Farmington to get started with Sonos today! 

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